A man installing an air conditioner

Air Conditioner Installations

What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning (A/C) is a system that is used to control the temperature of a building, usually to keep a comfortable living temperature and air humidity level. An air conditioning system pulls heat from indoors and transfers it outdoors using a refrigerant to absorb heat and release it outdoors. Air conditioning systems are commonly used in all types of buildings, including homes and offices.

Which air conditioning system should I get?

Air conditioning (A/C) systems come in all shapes and sizes including central systems, portable units, and even window units. Each A/C system has its own benefits and disadvantages depending on a multitude of factors such as building size, compatibility and budget. We recommend contacting an HVAC professional. Schuman Heating & Air can help you decide which equipment is right for you.

Get reliable air conditioning installation services, today.

We offer top-quality, reliable air conditioning (A/C) installation services in Delaware County, Edgewood, Strawberry Point, Linn/Jones County, and Dubuque Iowa. You can be confident in your HVAC systems when you choose Schuman Heating & Air. With flexible financing options, exceptional 5-star rated service with after-hours options, we are here for you every step of the way.